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All narrative film projects

Year of the Fox (Union Feature) - 1st assistant Make-up

August 2021-Sept 2021

Directed by Megan Griffiths

Dept. Head Luce Cousineau  

Into The Wild Frontier (Tv Series)- Key Hair/Make-up

April 2021- June 2021

Directed by Chris Cassel and Paul Epstein

Dept. Head Nina Shyne-Alviar 

Something Behind the Walls (short)-Key Hair/Makeup

March 2021

Directed by Kit Wilson

The Story Of Everything (Documentary) -Key Hair/ Make-up

(Seattle locations)

Dec 2020 – Dec 2021

Directed by Eric Esau

Waiting for the River (Trailer) - Key Hair/Make-up

January 2021 

Directed by Kit Wilson

Creak! (Short film) - Key Hair/Make-up

July 2020

Directed by Tifa Tomb

Fashionably yours (feature) - Seattle unit Hair/Make-up

Februrary 24th 2020

Directed by Nimisha Mukerji

produced by Lindy Boustedt

In Between (Short) - Key Hair/Make-up

February 2020 

Directed by Lindy Boustedt

Produced by Nicole Pouchet and Heather Pilder Olson 

If a Tree Falls (short) - Key Hair/Make-up

December 2019

Directed by Alex Sylvester

Produced by Justin Robert Vinall

The Scottish Play (Tv series) - H/MU assist.

October 2019 and November 2021

Directed by Weetus Cren

Produced by Eryn Rea

Maysville (Feature)- Hair/Make-up Dept. Head 

August 2019

Directed by Jason Connelly and Leslie Goyette 

Produced by Michele Englehart 

Such An Honor (short) - Key Hair/Make-up

July 2019

Directed by Nicole Pouchet 

Produced by Monica Valenzuela & Angela DiMarco

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